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Sunday, May 27, 2012

keinginan itu penting XD

untuk berjaya kita perlu berusaha,
untuk berusaha kita perlu merancang,
untuk merancang kita perlukan keinginan,
hurm,,,betul ke?? entahlah,,that's what i think..people have its own judgement n opinion,, same wif me! XD
dah lame x jenguk blog nih,,hangat2 taik kucing jerk buat blog kan..hehe~

quote yg kat atas nih just wanna to remind myself n share wif others,, in other context, if we just said we want to change, how it can be without ur own desire,right?? if we want to be better, the desire is important and it starts from our bottom of hearts..never said to the others but keep it inside..bcoz if u tell to others, they will joke ur desire n lastly u fell down n stop ur desire..dont worry to start slowly, but worrying if u r too late to do it.. ganbare! dont  compete wif others, fight wif ourselves~

sorry if my english is too awkward,,,dah lame x pkai english~ hehe~
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